01. How do I post an ad?

Before you can post a free ad on HighDesertDeals.com, you must REGISTER for a free account. Once you have registered, select “post your ad” from the top menu.

02. How does someone contact me?

There is a built in messaging system on HighDesertDeals.com. The person contacting you has the option to leave a message via the “To Author” section of your posted ad, or you can also leave your phone number if you choose to.

03. What if I want to post an item that is for FREE and not for sale?

Great question. Instead of entering a price, enter the word FREE. This will ensure people know you are not selling an itme, but offering it for free.

04. Who do I contact if I need help?

You can send an email to news@vvng.com

05. How do I edit a post or delete a post?

Once you have logged to the website, you can navigate to “My Account” section and edit or delete any of your submitted posts.



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